Me Time – A Definition

I was asked to write about ‘me time’ for this post (there is a sponsored backlink in here), and, in a good old Carrie Bradshaw way, I got to thinking…

What is ME TIME?

In relation to December, and creating me time in a mad month when you really need 62 days instead of 31, at first I thought ‘Me time? In December? You must be mad.’

But then I realised that all of the things I do in December are, effectively, ‘me time’.

Let me try to explain.

Relaxing in a bath is classic ‘me time’, agreed? But taking any time to do something you like, be it for a reason, or just to relax, surely that’s ‘me time’ too?

Happy Cat-Mas Christmas cats!

Happy Cat-mas Christmas cats!

So, all those hours spent making my Christmas cards, and the little decorations to go inside some of them for family? Me time!

Happy Cat-mas Card designed and drawn by me!

Happy Cat-mas Card designed and drawn by me!

Creating a bauble hairband for wearing to a party? Me time. Taking the time out to actually properly curl and style my hair is classic me time, but making the hairband is too. If you see it as a chore, it becomes one. This is what I have realised as I have crafted my way through December.

My Christmas Bauble headband

My Christmas Bauble headband

I don’t have to make Christmas cards, or decorate a 7 or 8 foot Christmas tree, do I? These are choices I make, therefore they’re me time, right?

Christmas Tree before and after!

Christmas Tree before and after!

Of course, I get my knickers in a twist over expectation. My family expect it of me, I think. If I didn’t make cards, or create fancy wrapping for presents, they’d think something was wrong.

Christmas Wrapping

Christmas Wrapping

But then if I really didn’t want to do it anymore, I wouldn’t. Buying a few packs of cards and wrapping presents with just some plain old wrapping paper might free up some of that ‘me time’ everyone talks about, but then what would I do with it?

Maybe have a wee glass of sherry and a mince-pie, right enough!

Christmas is sherry and a mince pie

Christmas is… sherry and a mince-pie!

This has been a bit of a trying December, a difficult end to a brilliant year. Hopefully, come 2016, there will be much more on Merle’s World.

For now, I’m off to do whatever it is I have to do next – me time, of course!

Merry Christmas all, and a wonderful New Year. x



  1. December 22, 2015 / 22:47

    Ultimate ‘me time’ is definitely bath time when the door is locked and even my most beloved human knows that he should not enter or even KNOCK unless it is a dire emergency. Sometimes I choose candles and silence.. other times a bit of jazz on my iPhone (safely up on the shelf) and a large glass of chilled Pinot Grigot. There are other times when I will dangerously USE my phone whilst neck deep in bubbles to browse eBay or Instagram. I also love a good read in the bath with a cuppa and a chocolate biscuit. These are all selfish simple pursuits that even if they are done for only ten minutes a day give my brain a bit of time in ‘coasting mode’.. essential for everyday happiness!
    I like that your ‘me time’ gives you something tangible that you can look at hold… I’ll teach you to crochet next year. That’s a promise! Then we can have some ‘us time’ 🙂 x

    • Merle
      February 5, 2016 / 13:18

      I need to learn to crochet!! Haha, I love a bath too. Usually with my Ipad on top of the washing basket, so I can soak and watch trash TV without my other half’s moans and groans! I also love to browse t’internet on my iphone in bath. Or just lie and do nothing, in the dark, save for a few candles! I love a bath!