Change your Life…Not Just Your Dress

February is Sylvia Plath month, and here’s the very first of my Sylvia Plath quote memes.

“Why can’t I try on lives, like dresses, and see which one fits me and is the most becoming?”

Sylvia Plath February 1

I chose this quote, from Sylvia Plath’s novel, The Bell Jar,  to start this adventure off because, sometimes at this time of year, when you’ve struggled through January, you do feel a bit lost, right?

Sometimes,  a whole other life seems so appealing. But actually shedding the life you have, on a whim, as quickly as changing a dress, isn’t that wise, or practical!

However, take motivation from this quote to make those changes to your life that you know you want to do. Stop being stuck in a rut! Engage with new people, start that new interest, find that new love!

My ‘new life’ plan this year, is age-old – ‘write that novel’, but, alongside this blog, I am determined to see it through!

And if all else fails, buy a new dress!