The Death of Imagination

Anyone who has ever had an idea can relate to today’s Sylvia Plath quote.

What I fear most, I think, is the death of the imagination.

Sylvia Imagination Blog

Imagine, if you’ll pardon the pun, waking up one morning with an empty mind. Sometimes, the fullness of my mind troubles me. My husband gently chides me at the amount of ideas I have on a daily, weekly, hourly basis.

I am forever thinking up something new. Not all of those ideas ever get any further than in my imagination, but that’s fine.

As long as I am dreaming them up, I will use some of them. Like this ‘Sylvia Says’ series. A product of my imagination,  translated into a reality,  and realised on my blog.

No one might read these posts, but I don’t care. I wanted to do this, so I put it out there.

Working as a writer, as a journalist, for over two decades, I have used my imagination daily. Dreaming up ways of turning a boring interview into an interesting read, styling a fashion shoot, and, latterly, creating different and inspiring backdrops for blog images, and constantly thinking of what to blog.

Imagination is the best thing in the world, and Sylvia is right. The death of imagination doesn’t bear thinking about. Sitting on a bus, dreaming of ideas, imagining scenarios for your fellow commuters, scribbling down notes and doodles in a notebook.

As a wannabe novelist (two unfinished manuscripts on my computer), imagining those characters in those books has been the most fun. And imagining actually finishing them is even more fun, right?!

How dull would we be without all of this to occupy our minds?!

For the creative person, imagination is the key to our lives, to us, to who we are, and to who we want to be.

Even if you never turn your dreams into a reality, keep imagining them!