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It’s Friday, let’s get to the pub. Today’s Sylvia Says quote might make you think twice. I don’t know if Sylvia Plath liked a tipple more than the next person, but I know I do, and this quote, from her Unabridged Journals, definitely made me think.

I suppose if I gave myself the chance I could be an alcoholic

Sylvia Plath alcoholic quote

Do we drink too much? As a nation, the answer  is most definitely yes. Through periods of my life, I know I have indulged just a wee bit too much, and then some, and when I was on staff at a tabloid newspaper that had a pub right next to it, well, given the chance…

Most nights were spent in the pub after a shift – it was what we did. It was the late 1990s/early Noughties, and the booze culture, and the ladette culture was at its peak. My ex and I had a relationship that I firmly believe functioned (and malfunctioned) because alcohol was involved. When I left the newspaper, and we stopped drinking so much, and actually had to face the stone cold sober reality of our coupling,  we knew it wasn’t a reality we wanted to be in together.

Before Christmas just there, I ended up in the hospital having a liver scan (an over-zealous doctor). Everything was fine, and it wasn’t alcohol related, but it did worry me, and made me think about how we booze.

My husband and I decided to take things easy in January (we didn’t do Dry January, come on, I can never conform to that sort of pressure!), but we did try to not drink as much. We managed most of the time, but peer pressure in the pub got to us on more than one occasion.

It’s easy to drink too much in Scotland. We drink as a social activity. We socialise in pubs. We use alcohol as a softener, a stress reliever, something to take the edge off, something to make our mood better.

We booze. And then we booze some more. And then some more. And sadly some take it so far they can’t stop.

I’m anything but a killjoy, and I will never tell you not to have a drink, and I love a glass of fizz, or wine, or a whisky and coke.

But perhaps just thinking twice sometimes is the right way to go. #gettingold !



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  1. Emily
    February 5, 2016 / 08:08

    •Singular round of applause is heard in the background and a female voice says, “Hear hear! Well said.”•