Head Above Water

Do you ever feel like you are just keeping you head above water? Like you’re wading through treacle? Perhaps we can all relate to today’s Sylvia Plath quote.

I am so busy keeping my head above water, that I scarcely know who I am, much less who anyone else is.

Sylvia Plath Keeping Head Above Water

Sometimes, just sometimes, we need to stop, and breathe. I can fully relate to Sylvia’s plight here. In times of depression and anxiety, there is that awful feeling that you are lost; that you really don’t know who you are anymore, and no-one around you matters.

Depression, in all its forms, is a terribly lonely illness. At a time when you most need someone, anyone, to help, you sink into yourself, and push everyone else away.

When I suffered with depression, I became so insular that I probably wouldn’t have noticed the apocalypse. Just trying to function normally every day was a chore in itself.

But this isn’t just about depression. In an ever-moving, fast-paced world, we are all in danger of becoming completely self-focused, stressed, anxious, and trying to keep our heads above water.

I’m not about to tell you all to do a course in mindfulness, or go meditate, but sometimes just lifting our head is a wonderful thing. Stop navel-gazing, and have a look at the world around you. Open a door, help someone out, just smile at someoneĀ  in the street.

If you need to clear your head, go for a run, go for a long walk, feed the ducks, go to the cinema in the middle of the day (a brilliant way to escape from anxiety and reality).

Don’t lose sight of yourself, or of others – it’s the first step on a downwards spiral that you do not want to descend.