I Write

I love writing, but sometimes my mind does overflow with ideas that need put onto paper. Hence the mess of half-finished manuscripts, paragraphs, short stories, and general witterings on paper, in books and on my computer all over the house. So, I totally understand where Sylvia Plath is coming from in today’s quotes.

I write only because there is a voice within me that will not be still

Sylvia WritesOf course, it’s not an ideal way to write. I really need to sort myself out, sort my thoughts out, sort the papers and files out, and get writing something that will actually get published one day. To do that I would need to finish something.

But the urge to write is always there. I asked my husband if he constantly made up stories when he was walking down the street, or on the bus. He obviously said no. And then told me that if I had that many stories in my head, then I really did need to write them down, but properly, and with purpose.

So, that’s the idea this year. To take the words, the voice, within me, and to write it down, in some semblance of order, as something representing a novel, or a short story at least.

I also have a half-finished (more than half, actually) finished novel that I need to pick up and a) finish b) rewrite or c) discard.

I kept diaries as long as I can remember, and mostly all through my 20s. I stopped in my early 30s, but I pick them up now and then. I mostly write these days, in notepads; filling them with ideas, characters and thoughts.

Time to sort them all out, I think!