Today’s Sylvia quote is one that will resonate with all writers, of anything, who have unpublished work.

“Nothing stinks like a pile of unpublished writing”

Blog unpublishedAll writers know the pain of rejection. Even the very best of writers have had those rejection slips/letters/emails, and it, well, Sylvia was right, it stinks.

However, if you love writing, you keep going, and imagine how wonderful the feeling when you re published. A short story or a novel, imagine the joy.

Of course,  these days we can self-publish, we can all have blogs, we can have the DIY writing career. But, there surely is nothing sweeter than seeing your words in print, in book form, in an actual shop, for people to buy?

I have a lot of unpublished writing, but I will persevere, and keep going, with the thought of that joy firmly in mind.