Too Much

I think there is something slightly ‘manic’ about this quote – but I can identify with it. A grey area, when it comes to people just doesn’t cut the mustard with me, and yes, at times, that isn’t the healthiest of outlooks.

I like people too much or not at all. I’ve got to go down deep, to fall into people, to really know them.



Sylvia Like blogI find it pretty much impossible to hide my feelings. I am a passionate person. I approach other people the same way, and perhaps I expect too much all the time. My husband says my perfectionist nature, and my own honesty, and warm-heartedness makes me constantly disappointed by the lack of such in others.

I do like people too much. I can become clingy in relationships, and all of those awful emotions – jealousy, envy, possessiveness, can come to the fore. If I like you, I want you all to myself; I want to fall into you.

If you don’t give it back, I’m off. As I’ve got older, I have even less time for passing acquaintances and friendships that are one-sided. I’m just not interested.

I have one such ‘relationship’ which I constantly struggle with, and which constantly disappoints. I have tried so hard, I have given everything, but, for whatever reasons, it’s not working. This person just doesn’t want my friendship, but would rather settle for a casual acquaintanceship (that’s a new word for today!), and I can’t have it. So, rather than this ‘friendship-light’, it now has to be nothing.

Because I am open, because I wear my heart on my sleeve, I expect others to be as open with me, as I am with them.

So, I like you too much, or not at all.