A Novel

Today’s Sylvia quote, actually from Esther in The Bell Jar, makes me laugh. Everyone has a novel in them, right? For those of us who actually try to get it down on paper, sometimes, it’s going to take a lot longer than a summer…

Then I decided I would spend the summer writing a novel. That would fix a lot of people.

Sylvia Blog Novel

Back around 2004/5 I started a novel writing class. It was the best thing I ever did. The tutor, the lovely Elizabeth, was just wonderful, and the people in the class were great. And I wrote. I wrote nearly 50,000 words – an actual manuscript.

It now lies in a box, unfinished, and underneath two more. Life took a weird turn late 2005, and the ‘voice’ was no longer there. Since then, I’ve started two more novels, and finished neither of those either. Why? Who knows.

Something in me just doesn’t want to complete them. So, I’m not ‘fixing’ a lot of people with my efforts…but I am trying!

I am sure the novel I am working on at the moment will be the one I complete. Maybe even over the summer…