Beautiful Day

Today was a glorious, sunny, day. Sylvia’s beautiful blue day was recorded in her journals in October 1959. A sunny day is good for the soul.

A beautiful blue day. Pure soul weather.

Beautiful Day

Good weather does make us feel better. Daylight does. Sunshine does. It makes everyone smile. It is a natural drug. Sunlight is good for the soul.

Today, we were going to go to the museum, but as much as we wanted to go play with Lego (there’s an exhibition on) and look at Dolly the Sheep (it’s a long story), we decided instead to get outside, soak up some Vitamin D, and enjoy the sunshine, and our beautiful blue day.

It was glorious – cold, but when the sun hit you, beautiful.

After all the winter storms we’ve had it was absolutely just what the Dr ordered. And with tomorrow being a full day at the desk writing and working day, it was much-needed!

If it’s sunny, do yourself a huge favour, and get out in it!


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