Peculiar peace

Yesterday it was all about sunshine and joy,  today’s weather-themed Sylvia quote is about rainy, wet and grey weather. How does that affect our mood?

Peculiar peace this morning: all is grey and dripping wet.

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I found this quote in the Unabridged Journals, in the same section of the book as yesterday’s sunshine quote. There was quite a lot of weather chat recorded at this time. We all chat about the weather, without really thinking about how much it affects us. We’ve all heard of SAD, of course, and we know that a bit of sunshine gives us a lift, but do we really know how much the weather affects our mood?

If it’s pouring rain; grey and miserable for a whole week, are you not feeling miserable too? It takes a massive optimist and a strong, strong PMA to get through a week of grey weather with your happiness intact!

I just love the words in this quote. You can imagine her, peering out of the window at the stillness of just a wet, rainy, grey day, when everything, from the branches on trees, to the pavements, to the walls of the buildings is just dripping wet.

There is something poetic about rain, and there is another passage in Sylvia’s journals that made me laugh. She talks of writing a poem after heavy rainfall, but then stops herself, as she recalls a publisher’s chat of receiving sackloads of poetry entitled RAIN after such weather!

Watching the rain is mesmerising, and sometimes, if it rains, and I am cosy inside my house, I feel safe, and transported back to childhood when we’d pull out a box of jigsaws on a rainy day.

That’s my peculiar peace.