Sylvia’s quote today is really from a poem called Aubade by Louis MacNeice. But it’s no wonder she quoted it in her Journals. It probably shows the manic side of her depression, if she was indeed bipolar (undiagnosed). But I do love the idea of biting on life like a sharp apple, no?!

Oh, I bite, I bite on Life like a sharp apple

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The poem this comes from reads:

Having bitten on life like a sharp apple
Or, playing it like a fish, been happy,

Having felt with fingers that the sky is blue,
What have we after that to look forward to?

Not the twilight of the gods but a precise dawn
of sallow and grey bricks, and newsboys crying war.

It was written around 1934, and has a foreboding tone, of unease in Europe, with the Spanish Civil War on the way, and then WWII.

So, biting on life like a sharp apple seems to me, to be taking risks, and enjoying life to the full.

And that’s exactly how it should be lived. I know that I am, perhaps, foolish in my risk-taking at times (and I don’t mean I go climb mountains, or jump out of planes), but I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I jump right in.

I just do. I do things, without thinking, sometimes, because my heart constantly rules my head.

It’s not the worst way to be, but sometimes, a  little temperance is a good thing.

Lucky I have a calmer and more measured other half then!

But I don’t always put that apple back in the bowl…

Enjoy your weekend! Bite on it like a sharp apple!