Monday, Monday…

This quote by Sylvia must ring true with so many of us. The start of a new week brings fresh panic. But perhaps it shouldn’t…

And I have the old beginning-of-the-week panic.

Sylvia blog monday

Donyou have the Sunday night fear? The beginning of the week panic? It’s a cliche, yes, but Mondays really are the least favourite of everyone’s days, agreed?

I work from home, for myself, so I never really get the Sunday night fear. I never feel that stressed on Sunday evening. But…come Monday, I’m all over the place.

I procrastinate more on a Monday than any other day of the week. I start the day, and the week, full of ideas and plans, but by lunchtime on the Monday I always seem to be way behind schedule already.

Maybe I plan too much? Maybe I should just plan a day’s work and get on with it, and my Monday would be less stressful.

I do actually love the beginning of the week; a fresh page on my diary, five full days of creativity ahead of me. I need to focus on the positives and eliminate the panic!

Have a great Monday, and a good week, everyone!