Just think…

It’s the last day of February, and the last Sylvia quote. Today’s quote, from her journals has a sort of two-fold meaning for me.

I believe that there are people who think as I do, who have thought as I do, who will think as I do.

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In a world where Donald Trump wants to be President of the USA (and some people are voting for him!), where the Tories run the UK once again, and where children die on beaches, trying to escape senseless, bloody, war,  I do wonder where all the good thinkers have gone.

When I see the absolute bile spewed out by people on social media, the ridiculous ‘outrage’ at things that don’t really matter, the sense of being offended by everything, I do sometimes fear for the world.

The sense of importance, and entitlement, the kudos given to things that just aren’t important at all. The banality of some of the ‘news’ we are fed 24 hours a day.

All of this brings a sense of despair.

And it makes me think of who I am, and why I feel like this? I’ve always bucked against the trend. I just have. It’s something in me. I don’t get this lemming thing. I don’t want to go and see the next big band who are touring, just because everyone else is. I don’t want to wear the same clothes as the next person, I never wanted to do the everyday job.

I always just felt, and thought, differently.

And, unlike Sylvia, when she wrote these words, I was starting to wonder recently if there were people who thought like me left; if we weren’t a dying breed, and the robotic lemmings were taking over.

And then a teenager liked a photo of mine on Instagram – one of these Sylvia quotes – and when I clicked on her profile, she was extolling the virtues (mainly the lyrics) of Morrissey and The Smiths.

I felt nothing but sheer joy!

I said to my husband that as long as teenagers were still listening to The Smiths, then, in my opinion, the world would be fine.

There are people who think like you – they will come to you, and you will find them!