Blackbird style

I love blackbirds. They’re such pretty birds, they sing beautifully, and they’re so tame – you can almost walk right up to them, and they won’t fly off, like other birds.

They have also nested in my back garden for the last six years, and I’ve loved watching their nest-building, egg-sitting, and then seeing the little ones fly the nest – literally!

And! My name, in French, means blackbird! I didn’t know this for a long time. I love my name, and I loved it even more when I found that out.

So, this outfit post is about blackbird style, and that day when I decided to head out, sort of dressed as a blackbird!

There’s a tale behind my gorgeous embroidered blackbird brooch which I bought from a lovely seller on Etsy called Agnes and Cora.

Blackbird Style!

I had a robin brooch on near Christmas, and my mother-in-law, who loves robins (on account of my father-in-law being called Robin) commented on it. So, I took to the internet to find her something similar, and I found a gorgeous robin brooch in the Agnes and Cora store.

I messaged Lisa who runs it to ask if she could make me a robin for my mother-in-law, and we ended up chatting – she also lives in Scotland, and we had similar interests. I then noticed the blackbird brooch and ordered myself a little New Year present (I vowed not to wear it until nearer spring 2016!).

Agnes & Cora Beautiful Blackbird Brooch

And, believe me or not, but this whole outfit was unintentionally blackbird-esque! This winter I have had this old black bobble hat on almost every day. I’ve had it for years, it’s like a part of me.

My faux leather culottes were a brilliant sale bargain from Zara – not somewhere I normally shop. I ordered them online, hoped for the best, and got lucky.

Blackbird style, right?!

My dotty bodysuit is an ancient one from H&M, with an H&M striped top underneath. My dotty theme continues on my tights – they’re also ancient, and, I think, from TopShop.

My lovely faux fur vintage coat was an eBay bargain, but I haven’t worn it too much as it is a little bit short. I gave myself a rap on the knuckles for not measuring this one properly, but at a tenner, you can’t complain!


My yellow shoes, representing the beautiful blackbird beak, are my Adidas Superstars from Schuh which will have to be surgically removed from my feet. I think. I love them so much.

Let's Jump!

So, this is my blackbird outfit – complete with my blackbird brooch, and a YAY brooch from the fabulous Lucky Dip Club thrown in for (more) fun! It made me feel happy, and when I feel happy, I JUMP!