Gwen Stefani Urban Decay

It takes a lot to get me really excited about a beauty product, or collection. I’ve been a beauty writer and editor for around 15 years, and a beauty product and makeup fan for ooh, at least 30 years!

So, I’ve used quite a lot hundreds  of products, from skincare to makeup and beyond over the years. But, I have recently been very excited about the Gwen Stefani Urban Decay collaboration.

Gwen Stefani urban Decay makeup

Maybe it’s the packaging. Maybe it’s because I don’t use a lot of Urban Decay. Maybe it’s because it’s a red lipstick at the heart of it that I am so enthusiastic about (and if anyone used to read my other blog, Beauty Bombshells, you will know how I feel about red lipstick!). I don’t know what it is, but I LOVE THIS STUFF!

The Eye Palette came first, late last year, and I sort of went, ‘yep, okay, whatever‘, when I saw it, and shoved it into the ‘to be looked at later pile’ for a month or so.

Inside the eye palette there was a tiny teaser palette of lip colours which I didn’t really pay much attention to.

How stupid am I?!

Behold 714 MEGA matte red, only the best goddamn red lipstick I have EVER used. I don’t say this lightly. I have tried HUNDREDS, no exaggeration. My other favourites are from Tom Ford, and Barry M (I’m a woman of contrasts, ask my mother!).

Gwen Stefani Urban Decay red lipstick 714

But now, I can’t stop wearing this matte. Yes, it’s matte, so yes, it is a wee bit drying. but that’s it; it’s just a wee bit. It doesn’t drag, it doesn’t dry out too much, and it does last. I can’t speak highly enough.

The other part of the collection I have been oddly obsessed with is the Blush Palette. I found this quite strange, as I am not really a blusher fan. But the colour, texture and shimmer or matte-ness of these blushers makes me want to Aunt Sally-up my cheeks! (Google her, young people!).

I know I put too much on, but I am strangely drawn to the shades. I want to go all Kim Kardashian and contour (and that is, I promise, the last time I will mention the K word here). It’s like I am having a moment, and regressing to my blusher-filled teenage days of the 1980s.

Gwen Stefani Urban Decay eyes and cheeks

The eye palette has a shade called Stark, a matte neutral shade, that I can’t stop wearing. And I never normally wear eyeshadow.

I don’t know what this Gwen Stefani Urban Decay collection has done to me, it’s like I’m under some sort of spell.

Even the eyebrow ‘thing’, which I shouldn’t love, and, well, I don’t really love, but I find myself using it. I can’t be bothered with the fiddly wee brushes in it, or the tweezers, but I’ve got my big eyebrow brush out, and I am layering on that powder and wax.

Urban Decay and Gwen Stefani makeup

The lip pencils are, well, lip pencils. Let’s not waste time on those. The first week I had this new collection in my possession I was heading out to an event.

I wore more foundation than I normally would (I think it was Clarins), and I mixed up some MAC eyeshadow with the deep blue Danger shade from the palette, and added my favourite blush mix (Easy and Hush), and the red lips.

UDXGWEN Stefani makeup


Urban Decay, you have excelled yourself.

Gwen, you annoy me sometimes, but I’ll let that go, thanks to this collection.

Do yourself a favour – buy it, if you still can.

It’s Limited Edition. (But that 714 Mega Matte lipstick better not be…)


Gwen Stefani Urban Decay collection, available now from, and maybe some other places, I’m not entirely sure.

Prices? REALLY GOOD! Lips are £16, blush and eye palettes are £35. This is good.



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  1. Emily
    March 18, 2016 / 20:09

    Wow! Haha I loved this article. If it comes with THAT positive a backing from Mrs Professional Lipstick Tryer I’m getting some! ❤️????????