Spring into spring!

Spring has sprung! Hooray! I do love the change in seasons, and spring arrived beautifully this weekend round our way! We spent a few hours actually sitting outside in my parents’ garden. WITH NO COATS ON!

I also spent a short time posing and jumping springing, as you do. It is spring!Not that I was wearing anything new – my mum asked if my yellow Adidas Superstars (from Schuh) were actually glued to my feet. I have to admit that I cannot stop wearing them.

Here comes Spring!

But they were absolutely perfect for yesterday’s sunny start to spring, agreed? My tights are from a Scottish brand, Bebaroque, and are, I have to admit, ancient.  But they are the best quality tights I have ever owned, and have a wonderful, fun, pattern. And most likely collectable, if not just  very covetable – Bebaroque no longer exist.

I'll be a tree...

My bag was a gift a LONG time ago from my sister-in-law’s sister! I used it as a knitting bag for years, but the rose pattern felt right for this outfit, so it was re-purposed! My huge sunglasses are new – they’re currently in H&M for £19.99 if you fancy them – quite expensive for H&M, I know, but they are solid. And massive.

spring accessories


And that big old t-shirt dress from GAP was a summer buy last year. I wore it on my birthday last July and a few friends remarked that it was rather plain for me.

But with the addition of some bold accessories (yellow beads from Primark), and the fact it has such a defined shape, I think it’s anything but plain.

Big old T-shirt dress

So, spring is here, and hopefully it will continue to bring sunshine, warmer weather, and better moods. Of all the psychological conditions in the world, I can identify most with SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder.

this old thing?

Long, cold, dark, wet, miserable winters are not fun. We are obsessed by the weather in the UK, but it’s because it’s just so rubbish. We don’t get defined seasons. We don’t have snow-filled, freezing winters, crisp fresh autumns, hot, sticky summers, or fresh, sunny springs.

starting & smiling at spring

We get a bit of everything, sometimes all in one day, and usually for days at a time, meaning we can never change our wardrobe over, and store all our winter woolies away  – we never know when we may need them. Ditto our summer skimpies. We are just as likely to get a scorcher of a day in April, as we are in July or August.

spring accessories

And, even though we should be used to it by now, it still annoys us, and we all still love to talk about it!

So, let’s hope that spring, the most joyful and colourful of seasons, is good to us this year, and we get at least a few days of sunshine, with a little warmth in it, before the inevitable.

watch the birdie(s)!

Those April showers are on their way… and they might not wait until April!

Springing into spring!