Happy Easter!

It’s the Easter weekend, and despite not being a religious person, I am going  to be a full-on hypocrite, and celebrate the holiday anyway.

I’ll worship the Easter bunny, and I hope he brings me some chocolate eggs! My six-year-old nephew arrives for a visit tonight, so there’s bound to be plenty of chocolate around – if I can prise some from him!

But… all this talk of bunnies was making my cats jealous, I think, so I drew this little greeting in honour of my favourite animal!

Easter bunny or Easter cat?!

All hail the Easter cat-bunny! If I could get bunny outfits on my cats, I would, but I’m not sure they’d really want to collaborate!

My husband’s Easter bunny is also a little different – it’s a Reester Bunny! He’s a peanut butter – and Reese’s addict!

The Reester bunny

Happy Easter to you, whatever you are doing this weekend.