The Lucky Dip Club

Every month, towards the end of the month, the postman delivers a treat when my Lucky Dip Club box lands on my mat.

I’ve been receiving these treats for more than a year now, thanks to the wonderfully creative Leona, who created the Lucky Dip Club, an Instagram business I discovered in its early days.

Leona's Lucky Dip Club

I missed out on the first two, I think, of these wonderful treats, but signed up to a recurring subscription soon after, and each month the box brings a little bit of joy – for just £15.

There are LOADS of subscription bozes out there, but this is the only one I will ever need, and, if you like all things cute, kitsch, girlie, creative, and fun, it’s the only one you’ll ever need too.

Lucky Dip Club contents

reminiscent of those old Lucky bags I loved as a child, you have no idea what’s in the box until it arrives. These brilliant boxes have contained everything from teatowels to charm bracelets, necklaces, to notepads, and also have personalised items.

Leona’s Lucky Dip Club has grown from strength to stregth, but she still runs the business herself; a crew and her pack them each month, and she lovingly hand-painted over a thousand of the personalised bunny brooches you can see in the pictures herself!

Things have changed since the start – each box is now themed to a particular collaborator – this month it’s been Pony People who created the cute bunny brooch. Everything in the box, bar the crochet kit, is themed around this.

Easter Bunny time!

I do sort of miss the randomness of the boxes before collaborators were the main thing, but I do love that Leona gives other creatives the chance to shine.

The personalised goodies aren’t monthly anymore, but this isn’t a problem for me, because all of the items in the box are great, personalised or not.

This month’s box came before Easter, and was a bunny wonderland, as you can see from the pics. If you like what you see, then head over to and sign up for alerts – it’s the only way you have a chance of getting hold of a box.

Easter Bunny time

They go on sale on the 1st of every month, and usually take about 10 minutes to sell out.

Join in the fun on Instagram @luckydipclub and search the hashtag #luckydipclub to see all of the fabulous box contents.