The Outfit Post

Fashion blogging is probably one of the biggest blogging sectors, right? Loads of people sharing their style, the contents of their wardrobe, and musing on what they like to wear in this – the outfit post.

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For me, it’s the most difficult blogging sector to step into. Which might seem odd, considering I was a Fashion Editor for a national newspaper, and I have loved fashion and clothes more than anything else for as long as I can remember. But this outfit post malarkey is a tough one!

Just hanging around the park...

Just hanging around the park…

I was always dressing up, and putting together outfits, from an early age. People would stare at me (you would probably stare at someone dressed head to toe in a red and green coordinating outfit too! And that was just for a trip to the supermarket…), and my mum would tell me if I was going to make ‘fashion statements’ people would stare.


From the back...

From the back…

I care less and less for the eyes of others now that I am heading towards my 45th birthday. What I wear is just that; what I wear. I take things out of my wardrobe and drawers and I put them on.

For me, it’s the most difficult blogging sector to step into. Which might seem odd, considering I was a Fashion Editor for a national newspaper…

Not a huge amount of though goes into it, usually just the practicalities of the outfit for the occasion. Perhaps I’m not getting into the true spirit of this fashion blogging thing?!

Sunny day!

And whilst I love getting my (slightly bemused) husband to take photos of me in particular outfits I want to share with the online world (and I do love jumping for pictures), I find it hard to be the ‘model’ in the shoot, as opposed to the stylist on the sidelines.

It's a half-hearted jump today!

It’s a half-hearted jump today!

I was styling other people, with no hashtags, no internet, no social media to fill, week after week, for years. I created some beautiful shots, and I was, and am, proud of my work.

It wasn’t rocket science, and would be of no use come the zombie apocalypse, but it was fun, and it paid the bills.

Standing in the park for these outfit post pictures was painful, and done and dusted in around two minutes, before we ran for the bus to town!

outfit post sunny scotland style one

This outfit? Well, we were off to a family birthday, it was sunny, but still cold, I wanted to wear my new Alexa Harry blouse (I caved and bought this!), and as I have been living in dungarees since January, I felt perhaps some other denim bottom would suit.

I then decided black tights were too heavy with my yellow sandals, found these ancient green ones and just pulled them on. I wasn’t sure, it was too late to change, so I went with it!

Don't kick the daffodils

If you are remotely interested in what I am wearing, I am listing it below.

Leopard print fur coat, £25, Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair

Denim skirt, £12, Primark

Harry blouse, £35, Alexa Chung for M&S

Tights, ancient!

Clog sandals, £57.50, Lotta from Stockholm

Satchel, £150, Cambridge Satchel Company

Sunglasses, charity shop