#villagelife – The Post

Today, let’s talk about  The Post.

So, I get a lot of post, thanks to my work as a journalist, and in particular, a beauty writer.
I am sent samples on an almost daily basis, and the various postmen at my last address in the city became used to ringing my bell every morning with an array of parcels too big for the letterbox, or needing signed for.

In a city of over 450,000, I’m pretty sure the postmen are used to dealing with a lot of parcels on their rounds.  In the internet age we live in, with so much mail order, these guys are kept pretty busy.

#villagelife The post

And, whilst people in Roslin probably have even more reason to shop online than city dwellers, I’m not sure my postmen are used to having signed for items in their bags/in their van, on a regular basis, in a village of around 1600 people.

Every day my doorbell has gone, I’ve kinda dreaded the conversation that will follow.

Me: Hello!

Postman : You get a lot of mail, eh?!

Me: Oh well, yes, it’s my work.

Postman: Oh, aye, right…

Variations on this have been ‘Just the one today’ or ‘you really do get a lot of stuff’ or, to my husband when I make him answer the door at the weekend, ‘she gets a lot of stuff’!

He’s already moved from ‘sign there’ holding out his wee electronic pad, to ‘you know what to do’.


Last week, when this lot arrived all in once delivery, my reaction when I saw it was ‘ooh, that’s a lot today!’ with a big cheery, almost apologetic grin – this is a lot of mail.




Today, I received the first parcels of the week, three days in, and my postie was in jocular mood.

It’s been a while since you’ve had anything, eh?” he grinned as I opened the door.  This is progress, right?!

We have only been here for two months, right enough.  I’m already wondering at what point ringing my doorbell almost daily will become normal, and our conversations will move on from this.

When might we discuss something other than the amount of mail I receive?

I know it’s going to be a long road. I can’t always work out if his manner is grumpy, or jocular, or perhaps, more likely, a mix of the two.

And I wonder in the depths of winter if it will veer more and more towards the former – or if we will have become firm friends by then…we’re sure to see enough of each other, after all!