Bobbi Brown, M&S beauty, and Go Sober October

So, it’s October 26 – just five more days left of Go Sober October, and I can have a drink. I’m not desperate for one, which is a good thing, right?

But the longer this goes on the more and more I crave the bottle of Pinot Noir sitting on my sideboard. My sponsored sobriety is getting harder to deal with.

So, I had a laugh at the irony of the timing of Bobbi Brown’s new Wine and Chocolate Collection landing on my desk the other week.


Gorgeous  Eyeshadow Palettes (£42.50, ) – the Wine one featuring an eye colour called – wait for it – PINOT NOIR! HELP!

bobbi-brown-wine-chocolate Nail Polish (£12.50)  called WINE, Sparkle Eyeshadow (£26) called PROSECCO – stop it, Bobbi, for f***s sake!


This is a lovely eyeshadow, but I want REAL prosecco please!

I was also sent a handcream from M&S called Fizz & Bubbles (£4,, which has a lovely sweet, sparkling cocktail scent – OH THE JOY! And then there’s the M&S Gin & Tonic scented lip balm (£3.50) – I can’t wear this! I’ll be eating it before next Monday is over!


This is NOT the type of booze I want in my glass!

Oh, and quite frankly,  thank **** I don’t have a bath, so I can’t torture myself even more with this Gin and Tonic Bathing Gel (£7.95, ENOUGH ALREADY!

I want to drink it, not bathe in it!

I want to drink it, not bathe in it!

But, back to the seriousness of this month’s Go Sober October challenge. Not only raising money for the Macmillan Cancer Charity, but also doing my body some good by abstaining for a month.  And, the bonus is that, as a social smoker with booze, I’ve not had a cigarette for 26 days either.

However, I’m not sure I’ve felt many more benefits of my sober October. Perhaps eating too may sweeties and drinking coffee as a substitute for booze hasn’t helped? Maybe having a shoulder strain and a bit of a nasty flare-up on my right foot of my psoriasis haven’t helped? Perhaps I’m just meant to drink?!

Abstaining from booze hasn’t been difficult as such, but it has been totally boring. I like a drink. My husband and I like to go to the pub. We enjoy a Friday night in the local, or at home with a bottle of wine. We like boozing on a Saturday afternoon with friends. We like spending hours round the dinner table with friends, with bottle after bottle of wine.

We love a cold beer in the summer sun, and a hot cider at the Christmas market. We like being drunk.

We don’t NEED to be drunk to have a good time. We spent the first sober October Saturday night eating pizza and playing Heads Up! on the iPad and it was a bloody great laugh. But…we sometimes just like boozing in the pub!

Everything in moderation, right? So, come November 1, I won’t be rushing down the pub and boozing straight for a week, but I will be enjoying a glass of Pinot Noir…or two.

Meantime,  I have five more days – including a weekend, to go, so if you can sponsor me, please do! Here’s the link