Bedtime Beauty

Clocks go back this weekend, don’t forget! (Seriously, does anyone, in our modern world, actually forget?!). That means an extra hour in bed.


An extra hour asleep. Or not, if you have kids. I wonder if the cats will recognise the time change? But, for the sake of this post, let’s pretend we all get to actually SLEEP for that extra hour, and let’s look at some bedtime beauty. And by bedtime beauty, I mean night creams etc, just to clarify…

As a beauty journalist, I love a bedtime beauty routine. I am told – and I tell my reader(s) – that all of these wonderful lotions and potions work better on your skin when you are asleep. They do actually – it’s all about regenerating when you are asleep. Though not in a Dr Who way, because that would be downright weird.

Whatever, I just love a bedtime beauty ritual. So, with the aid of my Sweet Dreams Sindy in her Boutique bedtime outfit – isn’t she lovely – here are a few of the beauty products I like to use.

I think my favourite beauty discovery of the last few years has been the iconic (and it really is, Sali Hughes says so in her new book…) Liquid Gold by Aussie brand, Alpha H. It’s basically a ‘no-rinse’ glycolic peel. Use it every other night, and you will see a difference in your skin, trust me. So easy to use, just sweep over cleansed skin with a cotton pad.


Overnight face masks are a great idea for dry skins like mine, especially in the winter. Origins DrinkUp Intensive Overnight Mask is AMAZING (this one is a Limited Breast Cancer Awareness month edition). So many people rave about it, including me. it smells of apricot thanks to apricot kernel oil, and also contains avocado oil, as well as Japanese Seaweed which helps repair the skin’s moisture barrier. It’s moisturising to the max, I think you get the idea.

I also like Clinique’s Moisture Surge Overnight Mask – it doesn’t have a smell, but it does have moisture, obviously. I’ve used this since its launch a few years ago, and my skin feels and looks good of a morning after use.


I am yet to try this Guerlain My Super Tips Midnight Secret, but I am familiar with the product, which has been around for 25 years. It has a new scent in this format, with lavender and tonka bean, and this is a wee dose of extra sleep for tired skin. It gives results like you’ve had two hours extra, say Guerlain. Pure magic! It contains Gingko biloba which stimulates microcirculation, and promote detoxification. Both of these things are good!


Clinique’s Repairwear Sculpting Night Cream – excuse the poor photo on this one – is a wee bit different in that it works in the night, not only to moisturise, but to lift as well. Clever, right. And it’s all about how you apply this one, paying attention to working it in to the contours of your face, massaging it around the jawline, that kind of thing.


Finally, and this one isn’t just a bedtime beauty treat, but a skincare treat day and night, from a brand called OM skincare, created by scientist Dr Om Prawarisa.  Om Miracle Serum is a multi-use product. Although grounded in science, it’s all about energy and chi with this brand, and the packaging is gorgeous.

This serum is a blend of Peptides and botanical extracts, and it is very hydrating. I’ve used this at night, and then followed with another cream or mask. Hey, there’s no harm in layering skincare.


Whatever you do with it, enjoy that extra hour this weekend! And happy wintertime –  it’s coming. Am sure there’s a better way to say that, where have I heard it before…