Vintage Style Here To Stay

Vintage. Old things. Retro style. Vintage style. I’ve been a vintage fan for years, ever since I first stepped into Armstrong’s in Edinburgh’s St Stephen Street in the 1980s.


I LOVE old things. Look at my newly refurbished home office – more on that later – full of 1970s style, and vintage style bits and bobs.

For a short time I had my own online vintage store, and I always go vintage style first when looking for a dress for an occasion – it’s the best way to avoid turning up in the same outfit as anyone else.


Now it seems I am not alone, and the trend of the last few years for all things vintage shows no signs of abating. A new study has revealed that one in six of us opt to recycle by vintage shopping. London based self storage company Space Station commissioned an online YouGov study of 2058 adults and identified the growing vintage trend.

We all know that buying vintage is stylish, and great for the environment. Apparently we throw away an astonishing 500,000 tonnes of clothing each year! Buy less from those cheap high street stores, and more vintage to stop this happening!

This study threw up some interesting results. I spend loads of time hunting for vintage style in charity shops and at car boots, as well as just popping into my local vintage stores. According to this survey, 16% of us also do the charity shop thing – and only 10% the car boot or vintage store! Savvy vintage shoppers rule! As long as the charity shops don’t keep raising their prices – see this other blog post I once wrote, for my views on that!

As well as clothes, more than a fifth of us (22%) possess a vintage book – 16% of us have a piece of vintage jewellery and 14% of us have vintage clothes and furniture.

But what makes something vintage? What is true vintage style? We’re not talking antiques here, but how many times have we perhaps been fooled by what we though was vintage? Or more likely, got our eras wrong.


According to experts, items have to fit the following criteria to be classified as vintage – all of this info is on a blog by Space Station, who commissioned this survey.


What makes it vintage?


Any furniture between 30 to 100 years old can be classified as vintage


A garment is generally considered vintage when it’s at least 20 years old


Officially a car can be labelled vintage if it was made between 1919-1930, although the term is often used to describe any car made before World War II


A bike frame must be at least 20 years old to be considered vintage


A piece of jewellery must be at least 20 to 30 years old to be considered vintage

So, do you have genuine vintage pieces in your home or wardrobe? What is your vintage style?