January wasn’t all blue…

January is a long month. The 31 days can feel like double that after the joy and excitement of Christmas and New Year.

To me, it’s a crazy month to detox/gooffthebooze/joinagym/diet, but so many of us do it. Me? I like to cosy up and try to get through the month with fun and laughter, nights out, and a little treat or two.

And never have I had such a busy  – and strange – January, as January 2017. The month began with crippling sadness, waking up on the 1st, still unable to process that an old friend had passed away on the last day of the old year.

His funeral, on Friday 13th, was heartbreaking, and completely surreal. I can’t believe you are gone, Craig.

Good people die, and evil people live on. January 20th saw Donald J Trump’s inauguration as President of the USA, another completely surreal event. I won’t start on how I feel about this act of madness here, or I’d never stop. Safe to say, it’s been an interesting end to the month, with his first week in office throwing up all sorts of craziness and chaos.

After the first two weeks spent with a horrible cold and cough, and a heart heavy with sadness, it was time to make the rest of the month full of as much fun as possible,

As well as T2 Trainspotting (brilliant, well done, loved it, loved it), drinks in 56 North (more gins than I have ever seen), football (Hearts, you are breaking mine right now!), Nando’s (it’s nice, but I don’t seem to get all the fuss), and lunch at our old favourite haunt, The Outsider (as lovely as ever), my husband and I have enjoyed a few Sunday roasts, more than a few glasses of wine, and all the chocolate left in our house.

clockwise, from top left; birthday fun, vintage finds, 56 North night out, new nails, face masking, saying thanks, wintry walks, freezing football, Craig…

Yes, we need to lose weight, eat less and move more. But we’ve been  on a few wintry walks, and we’re working up to running again…January is not a month for struggling; it’s a struggle enough.

A friend’s birthday on the 17th, saw me drink more Prosecco and red wine than I ought to – and they are never a good mix. But it was the best fun I’ve had on a Tuesday night in a long time!

It could have been a more exciting end to the month for me, had my jury duty amounted to more than just hanging around.

Did you treat yourself in January? At the January sales? (Is that still a thing!?) I hope so. I stayed out of the shops as much as I could.

But, I did buy a pair of silver boots in the TopShop online sale for £7,  which I have yet to wear, and a super-cool vintage plastic pineapple jug in a charity shop for £1.50 (along with two 50p cushion covers and two 50p vintage pillowslips – the fabric is fabulous). Little things make all the difference!

I also had my nails extensions done, tried out some nourishing face masks, and said ‘thanks’ to everyone who gave us Christmas gifts.

January was a jam-packed month, definitely a month of two halves, and now I am glad it’s over, and already looking  forward to a fun-filled February!