Pocket Money

I have fallen in love with retro style pocket money purses I bought over Christmas and New Year, and they got me thinking about the concept of pocket money.

Did you get pocket money as a kid? My mum can’t remember how much we got – she thinks it was on an ad-hoc basis – we got money when we needed it.

I do remember digging the garden to get extra cash for Bros records, as well! I asked a few pals on Facebook what they got, and what the best thing they’d ever spent their pocket money on.  The response was varied!

Fiona (who blogs at Fiona Outdoors) had a pretty complex and involved pocket money habit.

My two siblings and I got five pence, multiplied by our age, each week.  I was the eldest so I was a little luckier,” Fiona recalled.

“I remember around the age of eight or nine, getting  40p or 45p. We were only allowed to spend six pence per week on sweets and I honestly never broke that rule! It doesn’t sound a lot, but in the ’70s it was enough to buy the Beano or the Dandy comic, and save some of the money for buying bigger items, such as LPs.

“The six pence on sweets bought two pence worth of fizzy sherbet, 3 Mojos for a penny each and a couple of other chews. The best thing I ever spent my pocket money on was probably a football – maybe a hamster!”

Fran, who blogs at Brighton Jock, and a few others, recall spending theirs on Enid Blyton Malory Towers books. (And in that revelation, there’s a whole other story for another day.  I loved those books too!)

I remember saving up my pocket money to buy Neneh Cherry’s Buffalo Stance 7, ” Mick told me – listen to Mick’s own, brilliant, music, here.

Lyn saved her pocket money for a prized possession in the ’80s. “I didn’t get a lot of pocket money but saved up pennies for ages to get a £20 Walkman that was on sale in the local chemist,” Lyn remembers.

I had about a fiver when my beloved grandpa found out I was saving and gave me the rest. What a day when I went to get it. Pure eight-year-old euphoria!”

For others, it was small, simple things. “I used to get an extra 10p on a Friday from my dad for crisps at the van at the school gate, ” says PR guru Elaine Fee. “An extra special treat!

And PR wizard Jini also had simple – and good taste. “I got £3 a week if I did my jobs!” she laughed. “I spent it on sweets, and flower lipstick from Miss Selfridge – it was awful, but was a thing. I also bought Bros and New Kids on The Block posters.

When I first saw these pocket money purses on Not The Kind instagram (super cute web shop from a Glasgow girl in London, Carrie), I ordered them for myself,  and as Christmas gifts.

In January,  I found more colours elsewhere, some in the sale, and got a wee bit obsessed! They’re made by Ark, in Scotland, from leather, and are a super cute necklace alternative – but also handy as heck for bus change and at the bar – no more faffing in your bag for cash.

They don’t fit cards, so you do have to carry cash, and notes do have to be folded, but it’s a small price to pay, if you’ll pardon the pun, for having one of these beauties around your neck!

What did you spend your pocket money on?