Wardrobe: The Replacement

Have you been watching The Replacement on BBC One? My husband and I are pretty excited about tonight’s finale, and all sorts of theories are going through our heads.

But I have also been obsessing over various items of clothing in the show. I can’t help it. Being a former fashion stylist, I’m always aware of the clothes in TV shows and movies. (I have a lot to say on the brilliant wardrobe on T2: Trainspotting, but more on that another time)

I zoned in on the colourful watches Morven Christie’s character Ellen wears from the off. They’re a brilliant, quirky, addition to this character, showing off her creative side in a fun way. Perhaps a way to introduce a bit of fun to her off-beat, but relatively plain work wardrobe.

I asked the BBC where they were from, but, alas, they are the costume designer, Jo Slater’s, personal stock, previously used on Shameless, and most likely bought from the Arndale Market in Manchester for the show’s wardrobe.

Another item that caught my eye was Ellen’s grey kimono jacket she wore when pregnant in Ep1 and post-pregnancy in Ep2. I love it. It’s from ASOS, but is no longer in stock. This is similar, but not as fab.

I have just found this piece in The Telegraph about the wardrobe, which is pretty interesting. But no mention of those wonderful watches…

Do you love watching the wardrobe when you watch TV? Any favourites? I could write a whole series of blog posts on this. Actually, maybe I will. Watch this space! And enjoy tonight’s The Replacement conclusion!



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