Let’s talk about sweat

What’s that old saying – something like ‘horses sweat, men perspire, and ladies merely glow’. Hmmm. Not this one! Okay, I’m not a sweating mess, but, well, I do need a good deodorant. And I know, that in my mid-40s, I still have a lot of sweating – and hot flushing maybe – to come!

I don’t glow. I sweat. I go bright red in the face when I exercise, and I sweat. So, with that in mind, imagine my horror when, on the bus to my Pilates class at The Wellbeing Lab at The Restoration Yard in Dalkeith’s Country Park last Friday morning, I realised I had forgotten to apply my antiperspirant.


I like heatwaves because everyone sweats as much as I do on a mild spring day.

My dilemma was this: get off the bus in the town centre, buy a deodorant at Boots, apply furtively, and run to my Pilates class, getting even sweatier in the process, OR,  get off at my usual stop, and hope that The Restoration Yard shop stocked deodorant in some form, apply before class, and pray for the best, my sweat under control.

The Restoration Yard did have a deodorant, just the one, by Dr Hauschka for an eye-watering £12.95. I’ve never spent that much on personal hygiene before (well, if you don’t count all of the sanitary protection I’ve purchased over the last, ooh…34 years or so, but there you go), and I was a bit sceptical, because this rose deodorant was just that – a deodorant, not an antiperspirant.

After I had gotten over the price, I applied, and asked my Pilates mat neighbour to tell me if I started to smell! An hour of Pilates in a VERY hot room, and a lot of sweat later, my Pilates pal assured me that all she had a whiff of was a ‘pleasant floral smell’. I was amazed.

I’ve used it for almost a week now, even out running, and I really have, well, come up smelling of roses!

I’ve spent years looking for the perfect antiperspirant. I’ve tried loads. Yes, okay, this is a heck of a lot more than my usual Sanex £1 job, but wow – this stuff really works! I have no idea how, but Dr Hauschka’s Rose Deodorant has been a revelation. I’ve used it for almost a week now, even out running, and I really have, well, come up smelling of roses!

Dr Hausckha Rose Deodorant, £12.95, The Restoration Yard