Autumn beauty…and a bit of crochet!

Autumn is a second spring, where every leaf is a flower – Albert Camus, French philosopher, said that, and how right he was.

Who doesn’t love this bright and beautiful season? When the leaves turn all colours of gold, russet, burgundy and brown, and the autumnal light hits them, it is a joy to behold. There is nothing as lovely as a walk in the woods in the autumn sunshine.

But… I also loved sitting on my sofa, cosy indoors, crocheting some colourful autumn leaves. Loads of them. I sent some to a friend, and the rest of them were just lying around, so I decided to marry them with some lovely autumn beauty bits and create some colourful pictures for this post.

Autumn is a second spring, where every leaf is a flower – Albert Camus

I’m a bold colours kinda gal, and I love red lipstick – I am rarely without it. But there are so many more beautiful shades out there, I have had a wee experiment with berry shades. My husband declared the new look ‘odd’, but I kinda liked it. Barry M’s Matte Me Up Liquid Lipstick (£4.99) in Embellish is a brilliantly dark berry shade.

The budget beauty brand – one of my faves – also do fab Metallic Matte lip kits with liquid lip and lip pencil for £6.99. This one pictured is 24 Carat – and it comes in two other shades; Prestige and Bespoke.

Staying with Barry M – there are so many lip colours to choose from. Number 54 is a gorgeous matte peach, and a shade I have loved for years. It’s maybe a wee bit more summer than autumn, but try it! Find matte and satin finishes in Barry M Lips, and prices are so good – just £4.99. And they’re good.

Clinique are masters at autumn lip colours – they have some seriously lovely shades. I adore the rich, rusty-red Ruby Pop – this is a Clinique Pop Matte Lip Colour + Primer (£16.50). Another great matte is Bold Pop, a rich berry, and Cola Pop in a creamy finish, is a slighter deeper berry shade.

Two Bobbi Brown Luxe Eyeshadows (£27) dropped through my door a week or so ago, and I am too in awe of their beauty to use them! These new metallic shadows are just gorgeous. The Rich Metal finish shade is High Octane, a deep burgundy that can be worn as a wash, or layered, or even wet to add a deep, dark, berry autumn feel to your smoky eye.

But look at the Rich Sparkle finish in Sun Flare! It’s like the autumn sun hitting the golden leaves on a tree, throwing sparkle in your path. I can’t wait to use it, but I don’t want to dip my brush in it and ruin it!

MAC sent me the most fun palette of the week last week, with their Mischief Minx leopard print eyeshadow and highlighter palette (£32) in shades of bronze. There are eight shadows in all finishes, and a highlighter to create an autumn glow. Worn with your best leopard print, of course.


MAC’s Burgundy Nine Times (£25) is one of the #MACMUSTHAVES I was shown this week on a press appointment. Featuring nine mini shadows, this wee palette is a dream for eyeshadow fans. The size is great – there’s enough of each shade to never run out, right?

Finally, nails. Nail polish is such a minefield. I am not a massive fan of Shellac. Acrylics wrecked my nails, and made my psoriasis flare up on my fingers and nails – not fun. But chipping polish is just an eternal beauty pain, agreed?

It’s a hit or a miss with nail polish.Some of the biggest brands out there are the worst I’ve used. Barry M are okay – of course they chip, but they go on well, the colours are fab and they have lovely new Molten Metal finishes too. Oh, and prices are, of course, great – just £2.99. These shades, from l-r, are Copper Mine, Raspberry, and Copper Dreams.

Embrace autumn and all its glorious colours – in beauty as well as on that walk in the woods or the park.

If you are a crochet fan, I found my autumn leaves patterns here