Purrs for Pure cat food?

Ah, cats. I love them. I truly do. I remember when I was little, I had a stray cat live in my garden shed for a few days. I called her Suki, and I didn’t speak to my mum for about a fortnight when she called the SSPCA and had her taken to be rehomed.

My mum was never a ‘cat person’, but you should see her now…she’s had around 18 years to get used to the furry felines right enough, as I am now on my second pair of beautiful girls, and a fully paid-up member of the Crazy Cat Lady club.

PURE freeze-dried cat food

My first kitties were Candy and Floss. I rehomed them aged seven through Cat Protection. Candy lived until she was 17, Floss to the grand old age of 19, shuffling off just before I turned 40. My lovely husband had found me a ‘Candy replacement’ in Florence, and she came with the tiniest, cutest, kitten I’ve ever seen, Gertie, in 2009. So, we were a house of three cats for a couple of years, and it was wonderful.

Florence, or Flo, is a fatty. There’s no other word for it. She loves to eat, I loved to carry her. I babied her, I smothered her with love, and I created a needy, chubby, but wonderful monster-kitty. I adore her. But, because of her largeness, she’s on a controlled diet, and couldn’t partake in this review of Pure Pet Food’s freeze dried food. I did catch her sneaking a little, and she looked like she liked it – but Flo would eat anything, let’s be honest.

So, I tried the ever-fussy Gertrude on this wholesome food. I tried the chicken variety, freeze-dried, full of meaty goodness, and very easy to prepare. Gertie seemed most interested when it was in the freeze-friend state, which was interesting.

Gertie waits…

It’s really easy to use – you measure out how much you need, add warm water, stir and serve. Well, I wish that was all you had to do – you do have to wait a few  minutes before you serve for the food to rehydrate, and if your cats are anything like mine, keeping them away from it at this stage is a nightmare.

Curiosity and cats…

Once it was ready, Gertie didn’t love it. I can’t lie. She ate a little but she is a fussy little cat, and she’s more of a grazer, so dry food definitely suits her better.

The thing about this food is that it is meant to be fantastic for cats that have sensitive tummies, and we always felt Gertie definitely doesn’t. She does, however, have an over-grooming, allergy, issue, and has, since this trial happened, gone on to her own special hypoallergenic food, to see if something in her regular food is the issue. Cats!

If you do want to treat your cat to wholesome food, or your cat does have a sensitive tummy, you should probably give this brand a go. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth it for your furry babies, right?

Two impatient kitties

The Pure Cat Food comes in Surf & Turf, and Whisker Lickin’ Chicken. The 200g size is the equivalent of 800g fresh food, and is £11.99.

If you fancy giving it to your pampered pets, then use coupon code CAT20, to get 20%off your first order. Visit purepetfood.co.uk