Merle’s Vintage Challenge – join me on Instagram!

So, it’s February, and I thought ‘what can I do this month for a bit of fun?’. I love Instagram, and I love photo challenges – you know, where you follow a bunch of prompts and post a picture every day. It gets the brain cells working, and it encourages you to keep your Insta fresh. And it helps you ‘meet’ like-minded people.

So, I decided, rather than just participate, I would create one of my own. And here is is – #merlesvintagechallenge – got my own hashtag and everything!

I love all things vintage, and I thought that would bring other vintage lovers to me, so I set about creating my prompts image  (that’s my home office vintage wallpaper as the background by the way), and I tentatively posted it last night.

I was worried no-one would join in! But … I am proud to say that there are quite a few people already taking part, and it’s so much fun looking at all the posts, and the way people interpret my prompts. It’s going to be a fun month!

If you are a vintage fan, then join in! That’s my Instagram below – that’s the first prompt – Orange.


And if you are playing already, thank you, and keep having fun with it! I am already thinking about my pic for tomorrow’s ‘Fabric’ prompt.



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